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Who are we?
How can I contact Wavebreak Media?
How does stock media work?
Why buy stock media?
Do you engage in Commissioned Work?
What is your refund Policy?
What does 'Editorial Only' mean?
What does 'Royalty Free' mean?
What does 'Rights Managed' mean?
How can I view clips online?
What happens to the watermark when I download?
I bought an image, I can't locate it, what do I do?
The file I downloaded is too small, What can I do?
Do the media files have model and property releases?
Can I resell on files at any stage?
When I make significant modifications to a file can I claim copyright to that file?
Can I include your stock material in commissioned work?
What are the Ultra and Ultra + Collections?
What is an Extended License?

back to topWho are we?
We are Wavebreak Media from Cork, Ireland. We specialise in stock video footage, photography and animations. We have extensive experience in the field for documentary making, photography and stock footage.

back to topHow can I contact Wavebreak Media?
You can contact us using any of the email on the contact us page.

back to topHow does stock media work ?
You can download Royalty Free individual clips as often as you like and use them in the manner outlined by our licence agreement. If you plan to use large volumes of media from our website then we suggest that you contact our sales team for corporate membership. You can download 'Rights Managed Media Files' once you have paid the agreed invoice price. Editorial Only refer to clips that may only be used in relation to news worthy items. These do not have model releases.

back to topWhy buy stock media?
Creative Compelling Visual Content
Stock Media is a great way to create compelling productions, be it in Broadcast Quality advertising, film production, promotional DVDs, print publications, or websites. With access to a wide variety of unique stock you can buy media that conveys a much higher production value to your creation. Stock media gives you access to a world full of creative possibilities.

Many graphic artists, film producers and video editors don’t have a high quality professional camera or the software licenses for 3d applications, not to mention the skills to use these specialist applications.  Stock media presents an inexpensive alternative to hiring a professional photographer, videograpaher or buying the tools to create your own animations.

Quality standards
Stock agencies' reputations are based on the quality of their material; poor quality material means a poor reputation which converts to poor sales. We insist that all of our library must be pre-screened for quality, creativity and copyright infrigement.

Time Savings
Why waste a massive amount of time researching, hiring models, photographers, animators, videograpahers and more when you can spend just a few minutes searching a stock library for that particular (or near enough to) video clip or image you are looking for? If  you factor in the amount of time and energy you would expend trying to create a footage clip or image that is already listed in a stock agency website you would be pretty certain to have wasted some serious money.

back to topDo you engage in commissioned work?
Yes. We have access to a number of first class Videographers and Photographers that we use specifically for commissioned work. This is usually in the broadcast field and print media field but we often do other work as well.

back to topWhat is your refund policy ?
We provide streaming for customers to see the videos before they purchase. If there has been a technical issue and the fault lies with Wavebreak Media we offer free downloads/credits as a refund practice. To receive a refund please contact us by email.

back to topWhat does "rights-managed" (RM) mean?
Rights-managed products are high-quality Digital Media files with a license and fee based on your specific use. A number of factors are used to determine the price for the media. These factors include geographical distribution, the number of broadcasts, the duration of time needed for the license, etc. To receive a quotation you should contact one of our sales representatives at you will see Rights managed (RM) next to the clip if it is in this category.

back to topWhat does 'Royalty Free' (RF) mean?
Royalty Free means that the media has a fixed price and can be used as soon as 'a once off fee' has been paid. Once paid for a client can use the clip for as long and as many times as needed provided it is within the terms of the standard license agreement. An extended license may be required in certain circumstances. Click here for more information.

back to topWhat does 'Editorial Only' mean?
'Editorial Only' means licensed material relating to events that are newsworthy or of public interest and that is used in an editorial manner.

back to topHow can I view clips online?
To view clips online you need to have Adobe Flash Player installed. If you do not have it installed click here to download a free Flash player.

back to topWhat happens to the watermark?
After purchasing a royalty-free clip or image, a non-watermarked version will be available for you to download instantly. You do not need to contact us before purchase. Once the price has been agreed on a Rights managed product you will allowed access to the file to download.

back to topI bought an image, I can't locate it, what do I do?
Please try to download it again from the Downloads History page in the My Account section. This will allow you to download the purchased file in the same size for free for up to 30 days.

back to topThe file I downloaded is too small, What can I do?
After you purchase a media file and realize you require a different size, please contact us and we can arrange to provide you the new file while only paying the initial difference. We will not charge you the full price again.

back to topDo the media files have model and property releases?
Yes. Where the Digital Media files have clearly identifiable faces or locations we have model and property releases on file.

back to topWhen I make significant modifications to a file can I claim copyright to that file?
No. While, you may modify any file and use it, the copyright to that file remains with Wavebreak Media and its suppliers. This is outlined in our licensing agreement

back to topCan I resell on files at any stage?
Yes. Provided that you have purchased an extended license for the file.

back to topCan I include your stock material in commissioned work?
Yes. Provided it does not comprise more that 25% of the finished project.

back to topWhat are the Ultra and Ultra + Collections?
Both collections represent the highest quality production valued products from our library. With a premium on excellence and innovation both collections are the place to look for that extra special image for your campaign.

back to topWhat is an Extended License?
An extended license is required where an image is licensed for following uses. In cases where the production run is over 250,000 of any single image. If an image is intended to be incorporated into merchandise for resale or distribution, without regard to the size of the manufacturing or duplication run of such merchandise. You will also require an extended license if you intend to incorporate in merchandise for resale or distribution, including without limitation, clothing, artwork, magnets, posters, calendars, mugs and mousepads. Used as decoration in an office, restaurant, public area, home, or store owned or rented by licensee or by a client for whom licensee renders design services.
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