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Search Tips

1. Omit certain words When searching our site, it is better not to use words such as 'of' 'in' 'a', etc. These are so common we haven't indexed them for searching.

2. Support for advanced searching The following examples indicate how different advanced features work. You are not required to use them but they are available if you wish to use them.
  • student library
    Find items that contain at least one of the two words, those that contain both are rated higher.
  • +student +library
    Find items that only contain both words.
  • student +library
    Find items that contain the word library, but rank them higher if they also contain "student"
  • student -library
    Find items that contain "student" but not "library"
  • "Student in a library"
    Find items that contain the exact phrase
  • child*
    Find items that contain words such as "child", "children", "childhood"

3. Use our advanced search filters
You have the ability to use one or several of the following filters:

4. Select the sort order that suits best:
5. Select a product you like and use the "More media from this shoot" function, just below the image or video preview, to explore some similar products from the same production shoot.

6. Need some inspiration for a project? Select the Random search option () to view 50 random products displayed until you come up with THE idea.